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Welcome to Impala Paving

We have been going since 1996, with a solid track record of quality services you can trust. Impala Paving are Specialists paving Contractors throughout Gauteng. Impala Paving Company is a family business.

We fits and supply all types of residential and industrial paving by using SABS approved Bricks. Impala Paving has changed the look and increased the value of numerous Residential & Industrial properties during the past 25 Years.


for the following industries

Industrial Paving

Residential Paving 

Commercial Paving

Products and Services

Our full suite of services includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Bevel Pavers Manufacturer

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Kerb Stone Installations
Drain Installations
Facility Installation (parking)
We are a member of the MBA (Master Builders Association) Membership Number 6100. 
We do not use Sub Contractors. 


We're a family-owned paving company specializing in the supply and installation of all types of industrial, residential and commercial paving. As paving contractors, we are registered with the Master Builders Association (MBA), a regulating body that ensures its paving contractors work to the highest of standards – aesthetically, technically and ethically. We only use paving products approved by the South African Bureau of Standards(SABS), and that is a guarantee!

Latest PRojects

Since 1996, we've improved the aesthetic and increased the value of numerous residential properties with our paving services, and we've upgraded the areas in and around many commercial and industrial office blocks.

Contact us now for professional paving solutions for your home, office or industrial property.

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